Our passion for transportation

We all have a reason for why we do things. Not always a rational reason, but quite often. We who develop Better Truckin’ have all been intrigued by the transport industry and fascinated by its complexity. Moving one piece of goods from A to B requires not only infrastructure but also different types of vehicles, people, systems and communication solutions.

On the surface, transports appear simple, “just” moving something from A to B. But it is far from that simple. And that made us fascinated. But we’re not individuals who just want to be fascinated as onlookers, we want to enter the game, to understand and simplify the complexity. That’s why we created Better Truckin’. To simplify the underlying complexity for those who move the goods from A to B.


SaaS. Networking. Digital. Automated.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an efficient way to deliver services. As soon as there is a new update in the service, it is available to the user. Spotify, Netflix, Dropbox, etc. all deliver SaaS, just like Better Truckin’.

Working in networks creates enormous economies of scale. You have access to resources and capacity that you do not have when you are outside the network. That’s why networking is central in Better Truckin’.

Are you digital or digitized. The latter means that you make full use of the strengths of digital tools. And that is exactly what you do when using Better Truckin’ as your transport management tool.

Automation sometimes sounds threatening, but it’s man’s best friend. It reduces manual labor and prevents mistakes. Therefore, Better Truckin’ focuses on providing you with valuable automation where it makes sense.

"We are always very close to our customers and gratefully accept feedback and suggestions for new features. Our close customer relationships have been a major success factor for the service."