My Network

Build a network of partners

We aim to facilitate collaboration with internal and external stakeholders in the transport industry. One way Better Truckin’ accomplishes this is through the My Network feature, which simplifies the process of building your own network of partners.

By connecting haulage companies and freight forwarders to your network, both parties can easily collaborate and execute transports together. Both sides can monitor the entire process in real-time through Better Truckin’. This means that previously time-consuming administrative tasks, such as sharing assignments, can now be efficiently handled within the same platform. With Better Truckin’ and My Network, transport planning becomes easier and more flexible than ever.

Seamless collaboration with external drivers in network

The My Network solution not only makes it smoother for administration but also for drivers. As a connected driver in the network, you get access to Better Truckin’s driver app and all the features that internal drivers have. This reduces the workload for the driver since they no longer have to handle manual paperwork for transport documents and delivery receipts. Additionally, the driver can easily contact the traffic manager via the chat in the app without having to update their own business administration in parallel because all this information is visible to both parties.

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