Monitoring & Driver App


Even a well-planned transport may require adjustments and support during the delivery. With Better Truckin’, we make it easy to support your drivers in their work by providing greater visibility into the transportation process. In our monitoring solution, you can see all active deliveries, their status, and any situations that may arise. This overview allows those working in transport administration to identify and prioritize deliveries where your assistance may be needed. It also helps anticipate situations that could escalate. For instance, Better Truckin’ keeps track of the schedule and notifies you if the delivery is delayed, allowing you as a transport manager to decide whether route adjustments are necessary or if contact with the driver and customer is required.

Driver App

As a driver with Better Truckin’, you have access to a user-friendly and convenient app for status updates and communication with transport managers. In one app, you can view details of the cargo and route, manage transportation documents, delivery receipts, and signatures. In case of accidents, there’s also a feature for damage reporting and direct communication with the administration through the Better Truckin’ chat. Better Truckin’ is, therefore, an all-in-one solution for both administrative staff and drivers!

Trucker and Better Truckin' driver app