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more profitable
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Professional Transport

For you with your own freight customers
  • Customer portal and order management
  • Optimized route planning that considers ferry traffic
  • Customer billing and self-billing in Better Truckin' or Fortnox
  • Many more features for a more efficient transport process!
full TMS

Advanced Carrier

For you who work for other carriers or freight forwarders
Subscription per driver/month
  • A digital end-to-end process without paper waybills
  • Monitoring and signatures through the driver app
  • Invoicing directly in Better Truckin' or integrated with Fortnox
  • Many more features for a more efficient transport process!
carrier tool

Better Truckin' helps you

The five steps of the transportation process with Better Truckin'

Order Management
Route Planning & Optimization
Monitoring & Driver app
Invoicing & Self-billing
Order Management
Monitoring & Driver app
Route Planning & Optimization
Invoicing & Self-billing
Digital transportplanering i Better Truckin'

A tool for your entire business

  • Optimized route planning
  • Real-time updates
  • Smooth driver communication
  • User-friendly driver app
  • Smooth damage reporting
  • Real-time updates
  • Easy collaboration with the rest of the business
  • Efficient order administration
  • Easier internal collaboration for a customer history overview
  • Support in the order sales process
  • Complete and manageable information base for order details
  • Automatic invoice data
  • Digital waybills
  • Real-time damage reporting
  • Invoicing directly in Better Truckin’ or third-party systems like Fortnox
  • Insight into the entire transportation process
  • Smooth transport optimization
  • Clear overview of costs and revenues for profitability assessment
  • More time and energy for core business activities

Common questions and answers

Better Truckin’ has been developed in close collaboration with our customers and is therefore designed with a focus on those who work with pallets and packages (LTL/FTL), bulk goods, special transports, crane trucks and containers.

The service is easy to get started with while offering powerful features that make a difference for your business.

Better Truckin’ simplifies your work from order management to invoicing. With our service, you can easily manage all business information in one tool.

Feel free to learn more about how different users can benefit from the service and how the transportation process can look with Better Truckin’.

Better Truckin’ is at your service for as long as you want it, and if, by any chance, you decide to cancel the subscription, you can do so without any commitment.

You only pay a subscription fee for the period you want to use Better Truckin’, and this price naturally includes support and the latest version of the service.

Absolutely! You can easily integrate Better Truckin’ with various order systems, financial systems, and fleet management systems.

Moreover, new integrations can also be tailored to your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information about custom integrations.

Contact us, and we’ll assist you! Most systems offer the option to export your data so you can retain your previous information in Better Truckin’. We’ll, of course, help you with the transition so you can focus on getting started!

Certainly! You can test Better Truckin’ at no cost to see if the service needs any customization to meet your needs.

We’ll assist you in setting up an account, and if you’re satisfied, you can continue using your new transport planning service!

Certainly, when you use Better Truckin’, we act as a data processor for you as the data controller. This responsibility distribution is described and regulated in a data processing agreement from the outset.

Absolutely! Our dedicated team is readily available to you with just a few clicks during office hours.

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