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Customer Portal

Better Truckin’s customer portal makes collaboration and communication with customers easy and transparent. In the portal, your customers can enter details about their requested transport, reducing the risk of unnecessary misunderstandings. This also lightens the workload for your administration, as they don’t have to perform the same tasks manually. Furthermore, customers using the customer portal can track their transport throughout the entire process, increasing transparency and reducing the need for repetitive and time-consuming direct contact. The customer portal thus simplifies the process for both your transport company and your customers!

Order Management

In cases where manual order administration is still necessary, it is easily managed in our user-friendly tool. In the order management system, you can easily report the pickup location, destination, weight, and any specific handling requirements for the delivery. Thanks to Better Truckin’s versatility and its use throughout the entire transport process, this information is automatically shared with your transport manager. It also enables those involved in order management to access customer history from previous transport processes, which can be significant when planning new shipments.

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Another feature that streamlines your order management is our automation for recurring assignments. With Better Truckin’, you have the ability to create recurring orders based on your custom templates. This means you no longer need to enter the same data repeatedly but can let our service recreate orders for the transport manager to schedule. Better Truckin’ automatically generates new tasks according to your template, allowing you to allocate your time to other tasks that require manual work.

Collaboration with external carriers and drivers ​

In cases where you don’t have the capacity in your own vehicle fleet to handle a transport, Better Truckin’ also provides support in the sales process of orders to subcontractors. In the order manager, you can report orders to be executed by external drivers, allowing you to track the transport’s status in the same way as your internally managed transports.