Insights & Analysis


When the transportation is completed, the work for that time may be considered done, but we want to make it easier for you to turn completed transports into data for analysis. In our insights tool, you can compile the data we handle about your orders, missions, drivers, or customers to provide you with a better overview of your business’s operations.

The analysis tool makes it easier for you to draw conclusions about everything from the most frequently handled types of transportation to the workload on individual drivers – you decide which filters provide you with the necessary insights.

Making it easier to measure results also makes it easier to develop. Thanks to our analysis tool, you can give yourself relevant insights and the opportunity to monitor and set goals for your business. All to make optimizing your operations a natural step in the transportation process.

For those who want even greater freedom in their analysis work or perhaps use a different tool, you can, of course, download your data.

Better Truckin' insights on desktop.