Invoicing & Self-billing

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Invoicing with Better Truckin’ can be done either through our own invoicing tool or integrated with a third-party system like Fortnox. Regardless of your choice, invoicing becomes a smooth activity instead of a complicated necessity.

In Better Truckin’s own invoicing tool, you can easily create an invoice based on the information you’ve previously entered as an order or mission. The invoice can then be linked to one of your saved customers, so the customer information is automatically added to the invoice basis. You can then preview what the invoice will look like in PDF format or send it directly via email, all without even needing to switch tools. The email sent to the customer includes an overview of the transport, the invoice attached as a PDF, and a detailed view of the transport process and the information reported in Better Truckin’.

For those already using an invoicing solution where you manage other types of financial administration such as payroll or accounting, you can smoothly integrate your system with Better Truckin’. If you, for instance, are used to working in Fortnox, you can create invoice bases in Better Truckin’, which are then visible directly in Fortnox for your ongoing accounting process. This way, you can avoid manually transferring customer or order information between your different systems, as everything is available with a simple click.

Invoicing doesn’t need to be a cumbersome but necessary evil; we make invoicing a smooth and efficient process that makes it easy for you to track and monitor the invoicing process. The streamlined process also makes it easier to invoice continuously, so you don’t have to cover expenses while waiting for payment.

Better Truckin' invoice on laptop.
Better Truckin' invoice on desktop.


Do you often use external carriers and drivers for your transports? Of course, we want to make the reconciliation process as smooth as possible! That’s why you can easily set rules for how external transports should be compensated, linked to your networked partners, allowing you to automatically generate invoice bases for self-billing.

With a few simple clicks, you can get a calculated compensation based on the entered driver and linked orders or missions, which can then be emailed to the external carrier for invoicing. This makes the collaboration between you and your partners smoother and relieves the otherwise time-consuming process of reconciliation and invoicing on unclear grounds.

A streamlined reconciliation process not only makes it easier for your company to manage external runs as an additional source of income, but it can also help maintain good relationships with your partners. By clearly defining compensation rules and quickly sending invoice bases, the risk of misunderstandings and disputes over payments is reduced. Better Truckin’ gives you better opportunities for development and profitability through digital and smooth solutions!