We at Better Truckin'

Better Truckin', a service offered by Rumblestrip

The service Better Truckin’ is developed and operated by the team from Rumblestrip, who have taken on the challenge of making the transportation industry more digital through a transport planning system that leverages the rapid advancement of technology. We work together to provide our users with a smoother and more efficient transport process from order to invoice.

Better Truckin’ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, which means that new functionalities automatically become available to the user as they are launched. There’s no need for updates, additional costs, or installations. Examples of other SaaS services you might already use include Spotify, Netflix, and Dropbox.

Better Truckin’ first came to life in 2020, if you’d like to know more about Rumblestrip you’re welcome to visit our website or schedule a demo!

Milad CEO Rumblestrip

"We have always worked very closely with our customers and gratefully welcome feedback and suggestions for new features. Our customer-centric relationships have been a major success factor for the service."