Five benefits of digital
transport planning

How digital transport planning can elevate your business

In the transport and logistics industry, efficiency and precision are crucial for staying competitive. A digital transport planning system plays a significant role in creating the right conditions for this. Automating administration for carriers or freight forwarders is about ensuring quality and optimizing the transportation process. With Better Truckin’, our goal is to provide businesses with the best foundation for profitable and future-proof operations.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a digital transport planning system like Better Truckin’:

1. Optimized Route Planning

With a digital transport planning system, you can easily obtain the most optimized route for your journey, whether you need to make stops along the way, cross borders, or adhere to specific schedules. With Better Truckin’, you can also consider ferry traffic, all to make route optimization as seamless as possible!

2. Real-Time Monitoring and Traceability

Having insight into the transportation process while on the road instills confidence for both administrators and drivers. With a digital transport planning system, you can easily stay in touch and receive status updates during the work.

From both the driver’s and transport manager’s perspectives, milestones and updates are visible in real-time. Whether it’s delays, route changes, or damage reporting, everything happens quickly and smoothly to provide transparency and security.

3. Efficient communication

Smooth communication channels are essential for effective collaboration. With digital transport planning systems like Better Truckin’, real-time visibility and updates are a significant support in the communication process. In cases where more communication is needed than just updates, you can easily open a chat linked to the assignment.

A digital transport planning system eliminates the need for unnecessary phone calls, multiple separate chats, and paper transport documents. Our service makes communication efficient and seamless, all within the same tool

4. Optimized Resource Planning

Digital transport planning systems often provide the ability to smoothly review upcoming and ongoing transport. The overview in Better Truckin’ allows you to optimize your vehicle fleet and make any adjustments you may not have discovered through manual planning

5. Reporting & Analysis

Managing your transport data in a digital system also provides opportunities to compile your data afterward. In Better Truckin’, for example, you can gather data on distance, transport time, and much more for specific vehicles, drivers, or your entire fleet. With this type of data, you have all the prerequisites to evolve and become even more competitive!

In summary, a transport planning system like Better Truckin’ offers significant advantages for both carriers and freight forwarders. Through optimized route planning, real-time monitoring, improved communication, resource allocation, and analysis capabilities, we can help businesses enhance their competitiveness, reduce costs, and deliver superior service to their customers.

Take your first steps toward digital transport planning today!