Transport planning system as
a tool for sustainable transport

How digital transport planning can facilitate the work towards a more sustainable transport industry.

A transport planning system can, in several ways, serve as a tool for managing environmental impact and promoting sustainability within the transport industry. This can be achieved by implementing various strategies and techniques that reduce emissions, optimize resources, and encourage more efficient modes of transportation.

Here are some ways in which a service like Better Truckin’ can contribute to promoting sustainability:

1. Route planning & Optimization

Transport planning systems like Better Truckin’ utilize advanced optimization techniques to plan routes and avoid unnecessary driving. By taking the most optimized routes for all your transports, you reduce fuel consumption and, in turn, greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Consolidation

Digital transport planning makes it easier to get an overview of upcoming and ongoing transports. This type of overview enables smoother planning and optimization of transports. For example, it becomes easier to identify smaller deliveries that can be transported together to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and, consequently, emissions.

3. Vehicle Management

With Better Truckin’, you can easily gain an overview of your vehicle’s performance through statistics on its trips. This makes it easier to determine which vehicles are best suited for various transports and when it’s time to replace older ones.

4. Data Analysis & Reporting

In addition to specific vehicle performance statistics, with Better Truckin’, you can generate various reports and analytical insights. These insights provide you with the opportunity to identify patterns, inefficiencies, or other areas that can be improved to reduce environmental impact.

In summary, tools like Better Truckin’ can facilitate your business in the transition to a sustainable transport industry. At the same time, we improve efficiency and meet customers’ growing demand for responsible transportation.

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