Traffic Manager

To be a Traffic Manager with Better Truckin’ means:

Quality-assured, efficient, and smooth

As a Traffic Manager, you are responsible for planning, monitoring, and directing transports from start to finish. Well-planned transportation is crucial for successful deliveries, and at Better Truckin’, we aim to make this work as quality-assured, efficient, and smooth as possible!

Who or which individuals bear the responsibility as transportation manager can naturally vary between different companies. For some, transport planning is part of many other tasks, while others have dedicated individuals specifically focused on it. Regardless, transport planning is a task that requires a comprehensive overview of the entire business, coordination, and cost estimation – not an easy task!

Better Truckin' on laptop.
Better Truckin' on desktop and driver app.

Automation and easy communication

Transport planning with Better Truckin’ is designed to make it easier for both transportation managers and other professional roles affected by their work. By providing features such as automated route optimization, real-time updates on transports, and communication channels with drivers all within the same system, we offer much-needed relief.

But we understand that even the best planning sometimes requires adjustments. That’s why our route planning in Better Truckin’ is easy to modify, even while the mission is in progress, with real-time updates to the driver.