2023 with Better Truckin'

Highlights from 2023 for Better Truckin’ as a service and Rumblestrip as a workplace.

A new website, many new features, and consistent social media presence – 2023 was a year worth remembering!

A lot has happened over the past year for both Better Truckin’ as a service and Rumblestrip as a workplace. We have grown in numbers, launched new features, and our work has become more visible on social media. For us, 2023 has undoubtedly been a year of growth, leaving high expectations for what we will achieve together in 2024!

Let's look back at some highlights from the past year:

Many new features

When we took a few minutes to reflect on the technical work of the past year, it became clear that the developers have maintained a high pace! A customer portal that makes it easier to be transparent with customers, seamless billing integrations, and expanded support from piece goods to special transport, bulk, container, and construction. Just to mention three of many innovations!

Better Truckin’ is growing and becoming more of a comprehensive solution for an increasing number of transport companies, leading more and more to choose a more efficient workday with us.

500 000+ planned truck stops

It’s not just the features that have increased but also the number of businesses that have realized the difference Better Truckin’ can make in their daily lives. So many that this year, we surpassed over half a million planned loadings and unloadings with the help of Better Truckin’!

Multiple meet ups with the team

As a workplace, we have continued with our digital workspace but have also had some really fun and enriching meetings. Throughout the year, we’ve attended events such as a tech fair in Malmö, a workshop in Gothenburg, and a strategy meeting in Örebro. Meetings that have led to both new inspiration and a more cohesive team. We look forward to continuing in the same spirit in 2024!

Increased focus on marketing

Since spring, our marketing efforts have gained momentum as we acquired our Marketing Coordinator. The work has resulted in a new website, continuous activity on social media since September, and digital advertising on various platforms. We are eager to see the results of all the groundwork done throughout the year to make more people aware of Better Truckin’!

An incredible year for us at Better Truckin’, and much more is in store for 2024! Join us on our journey towards a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable transport industry by following us on social media; you won’t regret it!

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