Three reasons to pick up the pace!

Every crisis is an opportunity

The fact that companies are feeling the financial strain is undeniable. However, the discussion around how to handle the economic downturn is ongoing in many places. In this article, we want to present three reasons to accelerate instead of sitting passively and waiting for better times despite the tough circumstances.

Transport planning system as a tool for sustainable transport

A transport planning system can, in several ways, serve as a tool for managing environmental impact and promoting sustainability within the transport industry. This can be achieved by implementing various strategies and techniques that reduce emissions, optimize resources, and encourage more efficient modes of transportation.

Five benefits of digital transport planning


In the transport and logistics industry, efficiency and precision are crucial for staying competitive. A digital transport planning system plays a significant role in creating the right conditions for this. Automating administration for carriers or freight forwarders is about ensuring quality and optimizing the transportation process. With Better Truckin’, our goal is to provide businesses with the best foundation for profitable and future-proof operations.